Hazmiljapilus is a fashion, editorial and portrait photographer based in kuala lumpur, Malaysia. Since 2007 when he was a junior graphic designer, he has chosen to focus his attentions on capturing moments through the lens whilst still retaining a fashion and editorial mind. Since self teaching he has had the opportunity to express his creative mind in the photography industry. He has now put his attention towards working closely with many agencies and creative in the industry to produce creatively unique photography material. He has contributed many of his artwork for big names such as a commercial shoot for Media Prima TV3’s Television series ‘GEMILANG’, becoming the official photographer for Altimet and DJ Fuzz by following them for the KNUKE (Kugiran Negara ke UK Enterprise) tour 2011 in United Kingdom. He also directed and shoot a video clip for the local Hip Hop Artist; Altimet and DJ Fuzz entitled ‘Ikrar’. He has made numerous billboard ads for corporate company such as Ministry of Agriculture; print ads for Eraman under the Malaysian Airports Holding Bhd.

Clientele :

Fama, Malaysia Airlines, Warner Music, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health, Media Prima(TV3), Sime Darby, FriedChillies, Eraman (Malaysian Airports Holding Bhd.), Nadi Ayu Sdn Bhd, Huawei, Scomi & many more.

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